SynSaber Launches Palm-Sized Threat Sensor for OT Environments

Industrial asset and network monitoring solutions provider SynSaber has announced the general availability of its product, a small device that enables organizations to gain visibility into their operational technology (OT) environments and detect potential threats.

The company describes its product, SynSaber 1.0, as a vendor-agnostic, palm-sized threat sensor that can be hosted on existing infrastructure, including edge devices and DIN rails.

These so-called “Sabers” continuously collect data from industrial control systems (ICS), IIoT systems, and even legacy computing devices to enable operators and analysts to monitor and secure their networks.

SynSaber announced its launch in July 2021 with $2.5 million in seed funding from SYN Ventures, Rally Ventures and Cyber Mentor Fund. The firm is based in Chandler, Arizona, and it was founded by Jori VanAntwerp (CEO) and Ron Fabela (CTO).

The product, which can be integrated with existing systems, is designed to provide information on the status of devices, vulnerabilities, and other risks.

SynSaber 1.0 is priced on a per sensor basis.

Published in Security Week By Eduard Kovacs on February 22, 2022