AwareGo’s New Human Risk Assessment Tool To Help Enhance Security

Companies can use AwareGO’s comprehensive and innovative human risk assessment tool to measure and track their employees’ cybersecurity knowledge and behavior.

Fremont, CA: “To date, companies have mostly been fighting vulnerabilities with technology and processes,” comments AwareGO CEO Ari Kristinn Jonsson, Ph.D. AwareGO, a company that specializes in human cyber risk and awareness, has released Human Risk Assessment for Enterprise. The Human Risk Assessment for Enterprise, developed by cybersecurity experts, behavioral scientists, and interaction designers, continuously monitors top human attack vectors, identifies vulnerable departments and roles, and provides actionable insights to help companies improve their overall cyber defense and reduce cybersecurity risks.

“Our Human Risk Assessment capability meets the market demand for understanding the human role in cybersecurity by helping organizations identify, measure and remedy the human risk factor,” adds Jonsson.

Despite being new to the market, AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessments’ product-market fit and scalability have already been shown by its adoption by a multibillion-dollar multinational food corporation, which rolled out the solution for use and testing by over 70,000 of its workers and contractors. The solution was also put through its paces with AwareGO’s other business clients and partners. The cloud-based system, which is based on human-behavioral research, allows businesses to assess their employees’ knowledge and behavior across a variety of established threat vectors, including phishing, remote work, passwords, and more, ultimately assessing their cyber resilience. AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment for Enterprise is a transformative and vital solution for enterprises aiming to educate employees better and reduce cybersecurity risks thanks to its interactive experience, inviting environment, and quick feedback.

The system also examines the workforce’s total cyber resilience score and measures the effectiveness of any cybersecurity training activities. AwareGO’s microlearning content, which is available in several languages, is aimed to raise cybersecurity awareness in the workplace, protecting enterprises from modern-day cybersecurity threats. AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment has previously received a Highly Commended award in the SC Awards Europe 2021 program’s Best Behaviour Analytics/ Enterprise Threat Detection category for its Human Risk Assessment.

Published by Enterprise Security Magazine on January 5, 2022.